Quaz was recently noted as one of the Top 100 Inspiring and Aspiring young South Africans by Independent Media. Following a year long process that saw thousands of people nominated in five different categories ( Influencers ,Healers, Trailblazers, Disruptors and Innovators), Quaz was selected as one of Mzansi’s Top 100 young South Africans, under the healer category. (READ HERE)

“Through a platform like The Young Independents we can ensure youth in South Africa and across the continent are fully recognised and given a voice to articulate their own narrative as the continent‚Äôs powerful agents of political, social and economic transformation‚ÄĚ, said Executive Chairman of Independent Media, Dr Iqbal Surv√©.


”The excellence represented on the Top 100 independents list is mind blowing. So many young South Africans are changing the world in the most beautiful and diverse ways. I am am honoured to be mentioned alongside such great young people.The recognition is overwhelming but the work is far from over though,” Quaz Roodt

Images courtesy of Independent Media and WordnSound

Just a moment by @QuazRoodt

I am smoke and Sunday lunch.

My wilting skin is the dying dog’s whimper,

my hands ,the smell of candle wax.

I am a mouth full of tombstones,

and stories moulded from wind and dragon scales.

I am the Burning Impimpi,

the screaming blood

flooding your conscience.

The secrets in Mandela’s coffin

And the failed revolutions

 buried in briefcases.

I am the infection of a wound untreated.

The missing bone and feathers .

I am a fire pool,

full of bloated flamingos

 and ballot papers.

I am the snake in my own chest.

The sound of shattering glass,

The loneliness of ageing,

And the fly on a baby’s face.

I am the knife in my uncle’s hand,

The open flesh on his brother’s chest

I am My fathers face when he received the news

And that moment when we turned our backs ,

and left you there , alone, under the soil.

I am ,currently ,without semblance


for shape

For body,

For agency

I am water,

Searching for a moment

to contain all of me.


                        ©Richard Rodriquez Roodt (2015)









The night sky is my skin
And my lover the stars
Clinging to me with ease

The deep dark ocean
Screams back at us
Stories of black lovers
Chained to each other
Loving each other in death

The dark room is my heart
And my lover,the flickering candle
filling me with light

The black love
Shared amongst black lovers
Is held together by stories too scared
to tell themselves


Black Lovers ©Quaz Roodt


*This poem was requested by my brother ,Marcio Januario, during our “Poem take away” session in Rio de Janeiro. Written and read right there.

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Photo credits: FlUPP photographers, Kwame write and Quaz Roodt

An evening of Poetry

 The_Incurable_Likeness_of_beings_Quaz Roodt

South African Poet/emcee and social activist Quaz Roodt presents his latest Mixtape;

The incurable Likeness of Beings.

The Title pays parodical homage to Milan Kundera’s novel The unbearable lightness of being.    Comprised of 10 tracks running just under 22 minutes, this Mixtape sees Quaz deal with a myriad of themes, ranging from fatherhood to gang  violence right down to Credo Mutwa and Jacquezs Cousteau on a jet ski.

‚Äė‚Äė¬†These¬†songs¬†are¬†random¬†moments,thoughts¬†and¬†ideas¬†frozen¬†in¬†rap¬†verses¬†‚Äô‚Äô¬†says¬†Quaz.¬†The¬†themes¬†vary¬†but¬†they¬†all ¬†evolved¬†from¬†the¬†same¬†stream¬†of¬†consciousness…or¬†unawareness.¬†‚Äô‚Äô¬†¬†

Listen Below

The song This way I salute you ,christened after a book by South African Poet Laureate Prof Keorapetse Kgotsisile, pays  special tribute to books, readers and authors.

¬†‚Äė‚Äė¬†Reading¬†is¬†important.¬†For¬†ones¬†own¬†personal¬†development¬†and…well,¬†being¬†well¬†read¬†and¬†informed¬†is¬†the ¬†new ¬†black, ¬†didn‚Äôt¬†they¬†let¬†you¬†know?.‚Äô¬†Writers¬†don‚Äôt¬†get¬†enough¬†credit¬†for¬†their¬†contribution¬†to¬†the¬†development¬†of¬†the¬†universal ¬†human¬†family¬†and¬†our¬†consciousness.¬†This¬†is¬†just¬†my¬†way¬†of¬†saying¬†Aweh!¬†,I¬†see¬†you¬†and¬†Thank¬†you.‚Äô‚Äô


Quaz panders to his poetic roots on , Like Water; a simple poem rich in metaphor and hidden meaning, further nuanced  by a voice clip of a reformed gangster  . Other stand out songs include Oh one won ; an ode to Johannesburg City  and the vibrant people that call it home ,and Light Movers featuring Smash Mfula of the indie band Mpande Core.


home isThe Performance poetry scene in Johannesburg has over the last 3 years experienced such a vibrant resurgence,  it is almost impossible to ignore . With shows like WordnSound, Poetry in Orbit (Myesha Jenkins and Natalia Molebatsi), Jozi House of Poetry, Cuddle sessions and Poets in Office keeping the  flames fanned, one is hard pressed to find an excuse not to be excited. Botsosto publishers has successfully  managed to lure some of the best young performance poets to the page. Home is where the Mic is is the result

11219519_743457595762635_1585185470259233586_nThis anthology , edited by Allan Kolski Horwitz and Mandi Vundla , is a calmer reflection on the energy currently  holding the poetry landscape together. Young poets are rewriting themselves, telling new stories in new ways,  and they are  excelling in what they do. Featuring 24 poets from South Africa and other parts of the globe ,Home is where the mic is serves as a glimpse into the written work of these performers.

The anthology  features Quaz Roodt, Afurakan, Yrsa Daley-Ward, Sarah Caterpillarwings Godsell,  Ian Ewok Robinson, Vangi Gantsho, Tereska Muishond, Clinton Smith, Dickson Slammer Jammer,  Lex Lafoy and many more talented wordsmiths.

Copies can be ordered from The Poets themselves, at various shows around the country or via the Botsotso publishers website.



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