poetry and magic.

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Ramblings of a sober Poet
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Magicwords (© Richard Quaz Roodt 2011)

Ideas, butterflies, imagination, fate, free will, water,tattoos, spirits, light,sneakers,wind,skin,faith,paper jets, books,cats,feelings,hate, clowns,coffee,age,midgets,laundry, knives, figs, mountains, moonlight,eyes, cries, teeth, hats, flushes, love, tar, tuesdays, smells, time, bicycles, chocolate cake, noise, unicorns, radio, smoke, tourists, sandals, airtime,teddy bears, death, trees, ships, ink, video games,secrets, science, life, spotlights, grass, corrupt usb, balls,stitches, black duffle bags,pianos, heat, taxi’s, tomorrow, death, dreadlocks, electricity, a rusty axe, eggs, blood, change, fire,locks, ants,wood, souls,thank yous, thoughts,cashiers, rabbits,cookies, obsession, banks, robots,fish,pain, magazines, U.F.O crash sights,wounds, pigeons, socks, trucks, court, breakfast,keys, salt, leaves,mushrooms,demons,suits,advertisements,worm,trust, holes,birds,wool,headlines, cat food,elbows,broken fists, rituals, Wizardry, jokes,dues,muthi, screws, forever,tombstones,milk,lies, beard,snare,kick, brothers, knowledge, you,ash, king, hands, pictures, A.T.M’s,diners,memory, sound, sadness,robberies, hunger,buttons, Poetry.


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