Is jou ma trots op jou?

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So, for the past few weeks we’ve all been treated to a fruit salad of egoistic, misspelled, grammatically incorrect tweets from one Nonhle Thema about her fabulous life and that infamous bank account. Poor girls were encouraged to shut up and take a seat. And her haters,her wonderful haters, were willed on to keep hating. Yes keep hating “you broke asses” because it increases her popularity. She then turned her attention to Yfm and its “broke dj’s”, who have apparently been tarnishing her good name on air. As if her being a vainglorious loudmouth is not already doing that job.

Enter Dineo Ranaka! Dramatic music please. Dineo did not take Nonhle’s punches with the grace of,uhm,someone with grace. Instead she jumped in swinging, accusing Nonhle of sleeping her way into money and having a poom poom big enough to park a bus in. Think about that for a second…funny neh.


Ever seen a mud fight? Two ladies scantly clothed, scrapping away in thick muddy sludge. Exposing secret parts of themselves to the delight of perverted men and woman that surround the ring. Cheering them on. Hoping to get one more glimpse of a wandering nipple or ,even better ,seeing one of the fighters expose their “parking spaces” .Whether bus or go-cart, it matters not ,the crowd finds pleasure in the wrestlers getting dirt all over each other.

That is exactly what is happening here. And we are all too busy being entertained to see how pathetic and sad this whole fiasco is. These are two of our countries brightest young stars, each with a mass followings of young impressionable minds, going at it like common chicken heads. Yeah I said it.


Okay, granted, They probably did not make conscious decisions to be role models but the role of role model is unwillingly thrust upon celebrities whether you asked for it or not. And I strongly believe if you are a public figure, created and worshiped by the public, then declining the position of role model is not an option. Even if you are not famous,you need to carry yourself with a certain sense of decorum and self respect. And know that somewhere out there ,there is a kid who wants to be you. There is a kid who studies your every move and follows your career religiously. He or she is watching this mud fight,having already chosen sides, enjoying the spectacle along with those who don’t care for either one of the fighters. Tomorrow that kid is gonna go to school and share the punchlines of your timelines with other kids who look up to him or her.

Look I cannot stand here on my soapbox and tell people how to live their lives. But I do want to offer this little bit of advice. Before you go ranting away ask yourself.; Would i say what I am about to say in front of my mother. Would she be proud of me? I don’t know, try it, don’t try it, whatever sweetens your tea.


So, in closing. What can we learn from this? Well apart from the fact that Nonhle has a huge stack of money and no humility and that Dineo punches below the belt before thinking, one thing can be taken from this:

Twitter makes for a damn good mud wrestling ring



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