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Posted: July 25, 2011 in Super Friends
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Once again I am forced to acknowledge that politics are simply a numbers game.

Not just ordinary numbers but sleeping, ignorant and easily manipulated numbers.

These numbers are entertained with rally meals and promises of future numbers. While the revolutionary speaker stacks secret numbers in his pockets.

And these illiterate, technologically handicapped or just ignorant numbers will not read my internet published facebook publicized scribbling this morning, or any other story other than that of the revolutionary speaker.

How else can the revolutionary speaker stand there and shout “They can write their nonsense, we don’t care about them. They can say whatever they say about us, we don’t care.”

YES, I do care. And by the way who is us? Not me.

I know the revolutionary speaker is not talking about or to me when he defends the “numbers manipulation” that he is being accused of. Not in my name. I am not a part of the sleeping, ignorant and easily manipulated numbers and I demand answers.

I believe the revolutionary speaker sometimes forgets that he was not elected to office by anyone except card carrying party numbers. Therefore he cannot speak for anyone else but those numbers.

In the meantime, I am going to gather my own numbers. Those numbers who will first of all get to read this rambling. Those numbers, who will “LIKE” this status update and retweet it to other numbers in their network knowing that soon, we too will have our own big number.

There are a lot of us who simply refuse to look away any longer. At first were scared to shout over your loud lion voice revolutionary speaker but now we are quickly finding our courage, common cents and volume button.

We too soon will be saying “They can speak all their nonsense, we don’t care about them. They can say and promise us whatever they want, we don’t care.”

And when you look back my revolutionary speaker, you will realize that the numbers you have been speaking to and on behalf of only exist on paper and in your back account. Not in the streets, townships and suburbs of this country.

In 2009, we the dominant numbers gave your masters our power in numbers. In 2014, 49 million South Africans will make their numbers count.

We have done the math and your equation simply does not add up.
End/ 2011/07/25 _AfurakanAge

image©Flo Mokale

Afurakan Mohare is a renowned performance Poet and writer. He is also the organizer of the monthly Word N Sound poetry series at the Bassline in Newtown, Johannesburg.

Follow Afurakan on twitter @Afurakan

Facebook: Afurakan T Mohare


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