In 2009 I met a group of artists and students from the U.S.A. during their brief stay in S.A. Amongst them was a dancer/choreographer named Rodney  A Brown. He heard a poem of mine entitled Last will(The Orange Book Vol:2 ;2009). In fact the day he heard it was the first time I publicly recited that poem. Brown and his friends went back to the U.S. Time passed , I emailed him a audio recording of the poem Last will. And then…

image© Andy Snow

Hey Quaz,

I created a dance work, which premiered in 2010, As described in the choreographer’s notes* the beauty of smAll things is a work exploring construction and composition.I wondered what would happen if I took a bunch of different stories and fused them together.

If I created short dances, beginnings,middles and endings and organized them to fit as one. Where these stories come from are different ideas/notions of memory, accomplishment, adversity and love. They range from a community wanting so badly to be free that their incessant praying literally manifests in an angered ritual ( where their words are ripped from their bodies), to the 5th section Last Will (©Richard Quaz Roodt 2009) which details a man’s instructions on how to be remembered by his family and loved ones. The solo is sparse and abstract. It employs small gestures that echo the text.Sometimes the story’s connections are clear and sometimes they are not, but each is just as interesting, touching, fanciful, funny, and poignant in its own right. The end result is a beautiful collision of associations and interpretations created by the viewer.

Rodney A .Brown

image© Andy Snow

I used “Last Will” as a section of the work I created for the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (Ohio)  entitled the beauty of smAll things

“smAll things” premiered in 2010 below is the program note for the entire work.

the beauty of smAll things

Choreographer: Rodney A. Brown

Music: Various Artists

“Last Will” by: Richard Quaz Roodtz

Music edited and arranged by Rodney A. Brown

Costumes: Rita Elam


I. Holy Sounds – Company

II. A Word -William B. McClellan, Jr., Crystal Michelle

III. Why Things Fall – Company

IV. Because I have to leave something dear –Hershel Deondre Horner III

V. Last Will -LaMoi Hedrington

VI. the beauty of smAll things – company


image© Andy Snow

 *Choreographer’s Notes:

 The beauty of smAll things is a work exploring construction and composition. It is built around six individual stories that are connected by their beginnings, middles or endings. I reorganized these small pieces and created one dance that challenges the notion of through-line and sequence. But even as small joined sections they are just as funny, just as human, just as real and perhaps, just as beautiful had I not separated them. What these stories are about — is entirely up to you.

image© Andy Snow


When I die
Bury me with a smile.
At the graveyard let the children
Run around and chase the butterflies,
Let their laughter swirl through the air
as you lower my coffin.
Sing songs that can’t be sung without a hand clap.
No crying…Ma
Only silent tears of happiness,
No Black clothes either
If I die in the summer,
all my dead eyes want to see at my
funeral are shorts and T-shirts.
Straw hats, sandals and dresses
With happy colourful flowers.
If I die in the winter,
Wait for summer then bury me.
No speeches and lies about
how great I was.
Glorify my human weaknesses,
Tell the funeral goers with pride about
my imperfections …
Those are the things that made me the perfect me

When I die remember me.
Because that is how you will keep me alive.
Just remember me.

©Richars Quaz Roodt(20O9)   

image© Andy Snow

A big thank you to Andy Snow For the images.

  1. mansima says:

    can u post the audio ?

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