Silence; One single impression

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Ramblings of a sober Poet
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A field of sunflowers

Screaming at me in yellow


I sway in the whispering wind.

Dancing to a blues sung by the heavens

The sun speaks to me with burning passion

Reigniting the fading embers in my tired eyes.

A orchestra of colour,

rainbows explode onto distant horizons

A cacophony of sounds

long forgotten

A song unsung by time and modern life

Now we stand in awe of

the silence.

© Richard Quaz Roodt 2011

This poem is linked to OpenLinkNight  O.S.I

  1. So many great images in this. “A field of sunflowers

    Screaming at me in yellow” love that!

  2. Reflections says:

    Wow… powerful silence! Wonderful write.

  3. Ramesh Sood says:

    And I speak in one word: Amazing..!!!!

  4. Beautiful images and a humbling message. Great job. Here’s my entry:

  5. ~L says:

    I love how my mind has to challange itself to find the meaning within your words… You are a very talented writer!!!


  6. hedgewitch says:

    That we do. Silence is the canvas on which all our realizations are painted, I think. Great imagery in this.

  7. Ruth says:

    Wonderful and fresh images… I like this!

  8. brian miller says:

    nice…love the descriptions…i have found hose fields…far off where the world is silent except the world…nothing man made…ou took me there and it felt good…

  9. I would love to hear you read this! Have you ever done spoken word? I have a group on SoundCloud you can access through a link in my nav bar on my blog should you ever consider. Your work is brilliant!

  10. The poetry works so well with the picture. I also really like how you used colour here. Its sparseness makes it stand out that much more.

    Great work here.

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