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When I die
Bury me with a smile.
At the graveyard ,
let the children run around and chase the butterflies,
Let their laughter swirl through the air
as you lower my coffin.
Sing songs that can’t be sung without a hand clap.
No crying…Ma
Only silent tears of happiness,
No black clothes either
If I die in the summer,
all my dead eyes want to see at my
funeral are shorts, sandals ,straw hats
and dresses with happy colorful flowers.

If I die in the winter,
wait for summer then bury me.

No speeches and lies about
how great I was.
Glorify my human weaknesses.
Tell the funeral goers with pride about
my imperfections,
Those are the things that made me the perfect me

When I die, remember me.
Because that is how you will keep me alive.
Just remember

 ©Richars Quaz Roodt(2011)    

Last will was submitted for open link night @ d’Verse

  1. brian says:

    excellent…that is just how i want it to be when i die…no lies…and with a smile…

  2. Pat Hatt says:

    Yep when I kick the bucket that sounds like a great way to be remembered. But still I say throw my ashes in a pringle can and scatter them somewhere..haha

  3. “no lies about how great I was” you are so funny. And real.

    really like the photo combined with the words.

    And when i did — drink 2 Heinekens! 🙂

  4. Claudia says:

    oh i love how you wrote this..the songs that can’t be sung without clapping hands and gloryfiying the human weaknesses sounds right up my alley…yeah – would love to be buried like this as well

  5. tashtoo says:

    Would fantastic word weaver have a place as a title for you in your send off? Truly enjoyed this, the essence, the simple yet thought provoking way you’ve approached the thought of your end. Bravo, Poet! Much appreciated 🙂

  6. rmp says:

    i wish a request like that was easy to follow, for i think many would like to remembered in such a way: laughter, song, and truth of character. i think i’d prefer spring though. beautifully.

  7. ayala says:

    This is beautiful . The one thing I have to say is that no mother should ever go through that . Death should be in the right order where children bury their parents. I love your words and wishing foe everyone to see you for who you are and not get caught up in the lies and adoration that comes from losing someone.

  8. I can usually find something positive in a poem, but this poem I adore. When I was ten, my sister aged thirteen passed away, so I know all about people becoming instant Saints and friends acting ‘differently’ towards someone who has passed on. You want to be remembered as you truly were – in fact you go so far as to say that its your imperfections that make you perfectly you. Ha! There’s a real truth in there somewhere. Enjoyed your blog and enjoyed this poem immensely.

  9. Sing songs that can’t be sung without a hand clap.

    What great generosity of spirit, to allow the people you love the space to tell the truth and to embrace life even within your death.

  10. This is lovely! We recently buried my father after a long illness. He requested a big county BBQ instead of a funeral, which we honored. Couldn’t help but brag about what fabulous a man he was though.

  11. And how shall we praise you while you live? More perfectly? ( ;0= }

  12. Daniel Maison says:

    I love this and truly blessed! In the humble words of a greatful kenyan, I say shukran!

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