Dont tell #One Single Impression_Betrayal

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Ramblings of a sober Poet
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Don’t tell

Lips soft and full,

Kisses like soft electric sparks

Mouth full of cherry soda.

Bubbles of passion

Pop around a spaced out head

dazed staring at memories of our

secret moment

 ©Richard Quaz Roodt(2011)


This poem is linked to OPENLINKNIGHT and to O.S.I

  1. Shauna says:

    ahhh yes, the thrilling afterglow- your poem is lyrical and fun

  2. brian says:

    you def leave us with a warm feel…like the touch of the soda bubble…tender and play ful….

  3. If only the day after such sweet confections did not leave wounds in those we care about…

  4. This was delightful in every way. I never thought cherry pop could sound so wonderful 🙂
    (I’m a northern girl, so I had to say ‘pop’ instead of ‘soda’)

  5. i see betrayal is a tag.. is this a secret love… nice write!

  6. Pat Hatt says:

    Great secretive approach and nice job brining it so alive.

  7. claudia says:

    oh this is beautiful…Mouth full of cherry soda…hmmmmmm

  8. Dulce says:

    beautiful, so beautiful this secret moment!

  9. I had a kiss like that once…… We don’t forget those kisses, do we?

  10. ayala says:

    a delicious write 🙂

  11. hobgoblin2011 says:

    A really nice write. Someone replied delightful, to which I think is very appropriate for this piece. The imagery is tremendous. Thanks for the read and Happy Open Link Night

  12. I love mouth full of cherry soda that one is such a great way to describe a sparkling kiss

  13. lovely lines – that give me strawberry lemonade sensations –

  14. Heaven says:

    nice one…specially these lines:

    dazed staring at memories of our

    secret moment

  15. Ah, the Golden Hours! The title made me think of the recent change in military policy regarding same-gender relationships, but the photo seems to suggest otherwise. Recently read that the lips have a disproportionately large number of nerve endings and the greatest sensitivity found anywhere it the body. No wonder it feels like that! Thanks for the read!

  16. very impressive piece.

    this is incredible.

    glad to read you and love your blog.
    welcome sharing your poetry with us today,
    first time participants can do free linking up to 3 poems, you can write for our challenge if you want to, no obligations, we are open until Thursday night, 8pm…
    hope to see you in.
    keep up the excellence.

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