Garden naps.

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Ramblings of a sober Poet
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Wednesday Afternoon
Summer sings harshly.
The day swallows my dark mood
and breathes lighter shades of blue into my
On my back,slowly sinking into the soft grass
I reach up and become one with the sky.

The laughter of Purple orchids follow.
Petals swaying to
the music of a crisp breeze.
Drifting further away into
an unequaled calm

..and then

the phone rings
and jerks  me back into the
chaos of life

©Richard QuazRoodt(2011)



THIS POEM IS LINKED TO d’Versepoets Openlink night14  and  InTandem #14

  1. ShonEjai says:

    Very nice! I like it. Well written.

  2. kez says:

    cool loved the way you used both pictures …..thank you for sharing x

  3. Ann Grenier says:

    This is a very creative use of both prompts swinging from a harsh singing of summer to an unequaled calm, back to chaos of our world. Perfect.

  4. JInksy says:

    I’m glad the coll quiet got to you for a moment or two, before the rest of life impinged! LOL Thanks for joining in again.

  5. JInksy says:

    Bother – try COOL! ♥

  6. claudia says:

    ah so sad that silly phone had to ring…but what would be the calm moments when there was no everyday chaos…smiles…makes them even more precious…*takes a deep breath*

  7. hedgewitch says:

    Love the purple laughter of orchids…and the contrast with the jangling chaos–the sky will still be there after you answer, but yes, it can be hard to reach for. Enjoyed this much.

  8. brian miller says:

    ha darn phone…i was just starting to float in the beautiful imagery…some really nice play in the words…laughter of orchids…very nice…

  9. Heaven says:

    I enjoyed the calm and quiet time… until that phone or real life intrudes. Nice one ~

  10. the word bar says:

    lovely visions..until…
    very calming words..much enjoyed your poem

  11. Ravenblack says:

    Oh dear. I know the feeling. And precisely why I hate my phone and would turn it off on holidays and weekends. 😀 I love the first stanza build up, uplifting like that, and the abrupt break at the last is well done to convey that shock and annoyed feeling when the phone from the “real world” interrupts. That is really excellent.

  12. ayala says:

    The day swallows my dark mood…a great line and I like the feel of this!

  13. rmpWritings says:

    ahh…to be jarred from such a soothing and calming moment…sad…so sad…just a few more moments would have been nice.

  14. Personification of color breathes image and feeling, mood and meaning into this piece. Needing few words, the shift in time and feelings become palpable. Well done.

  15. Morning says:

    the day swallows your dark mood,

    this line is good,
    way to go.

    the art image is elegant.

  16. Jeff says:

    ” . . I reach up and become one with the sky. . ” a wonderful blend of soul and heaven, even if just for a little while.

    I felt a little escape, too. But I turned my phone off before I re-read your poem.


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