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I recede deep into the hall
Of rusty memories.
Remembering you.
A surge of emotion
A ocean of tears
Waves crashing on my eyelids

Trivial word wars.
Tormented by your
significant absence
I wait
to see you again

©Richard Quaz Roodt(2012)

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  1. Julie Catherine says:

    Very nice, Richard, I like what you did with the prompt words. I especially like the phrase, “waves crashing on my eyelids” – awesome phrasing here. I can feel the pent up emotion in this write, well done. ~ Julie Catherine

  2. I like how you’ve naturally woven the suggested words into your poem.

  3. Janet says:

    This piece has an ebb and flow of intense emotion. I forgot it was a prompt! Well done…I hope it is not auto-biographical, but poetry this genuine often is.

  4. Great poem! Loved the “hall of rusty memories,” I think many of us have one of those.

  5. Peggy Goetz says:

    Wow, nice use of the words! Reads very naturally.

  6. One can feel the emotion here. Well done. I love your sky photo!

  7. Wyoming Diva says:

    Your tears are mine tonight. Thank you for sharing.

  8. madhumakhi says:

    I can really empathise with the sadness. What a creative use of words!

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