Driving home
Windows open.
The wind runs through my locks,
blowing away the city chaos
Escaping the madness
Jozi to Potch

Hills and small farms
jump into my eyes
On the sides of a road that saw me grow.
People happily living simply.
The land is their bread bin

Trains pass.
Carrying fathers and
sons to new lives
And me…
I’m going to see my Mother today

©Richard Quaz Roodt(2012)

This poem is linked to PoetUnited;(ThursdayThinkTank) Prompt:The Road

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  1. Loved this very much. The sense of finding shelter from the crazy city life and an appreciation of the simpler way of life….


  2. Taylor says:

    amazing expressions, sorry for being late.


  3. zongrik says:

    i bet my sons feel this way when they come home to see me from far away


  4. yelena says:

    wow, this poem is so full of light and inspiration. glad to have discovered your blog. thanks for share!

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