I’m still too young…

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Ramblings of a sober Poet
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Baby rests uneasy
Barb wire cradle
More rocking
Side to side
Metal crashing lullaby
For this sweet child

Ears bleed
Diaper yearns for change
New born flesh decomposes
Flies and maggots
Eaten alive by life

Coat hanger
Innocence ripped out
Baby rests uneasy
Amongst the garbage
and sun rays

This poem is linked to @dversePoets: Poetics(undercurrents)

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  1. zongrik says:

    “barb wire cradle”

    it doesn’t get sadder than this

    fruit leather

  2. ManicDdaily says:

    Oh dear, very heavy, very sad.

  3. brian says:

    after spending the day at the holocaust museum and being completely raw from it already you just gave the knock out punch…doubling me over…outright crying at this point..evocative…well done…

  4. hedgewitch says:

    It’s the ones who are born and left for the flies that have my deepest sympathy.

  5. tashtoo says:

    It some how felt wrong, clicking the like button to this. The writing is fantastic, but the subject brings tears. Raw and real, as you take from the joy of a child, to display an undercurrent that is dark and frightening, not to mention a statement against our wonderful and supposedly oh so civilized world. A powerful pen this morning, Poet!

    • Quaz says:

      Thank you Tash.
      I really thought long and hard about posting this. I think I made the right decision though. The world can be a real dark place at times. Thank God for all the other beautiful things.

  6. Wes McGee says:

    This is raw and VERY heavy but poetry reflects life and sometimes life is heavy. Well written, evokes a flood of emotion and that is the point of poetry. I couldn’t say it any better that tashtoo does above “as you take from the joy of a child, to display an undercurrent that is dark and frightening”. Well written, my friend.

  7. Chazzy Chazz says:

    Terrible images of such tragedy. Your words cut like the razory barbed wire you describe.

  8. booguloo says:

    Almost makes you thankful that America has risen above the coat hanger to the vacuum.

  9. Sheila says:

    damn! powerful – pulling no punches. I am glad there are those like you who are not afraid to say it. bravo!

  10. ~L says:

    A little too little
    My conscious has walked on the edge of temptation
    Ignoring the piercing voice from the Creator of creation
    I hide in what seems safe
    Telling myself you’re still a little too little
    So it must make it okay

    My state of shock has left me numb
    My reality has dissolved some
    I hide in oblivion
    Telling myself you’re still a little to little
    So it must make it okay

    My own selfish pride has got in the way
    I’m too afraid what will people say
    I hide my face in shame
    Telling myself you’re still a little too little
    So it must make it okay

    My fear of the unknown has overwhelmed my soul
    How am I to possibly know what your potential holds
    I hide in the panic
    Telling myself you’re still a little too little
    So it must make it okay

    Justice would excuse me under such viable conditions
    “Anyone would understand in your position”
    I hide in the world’s tradition.
    Telling myself you’re still a little too little
    So it must make it okay

    Why then, does it still feel so wrong?
    And who am I to decide if life should belong…
    I can’t hide in the shadows truly believing…
    “you’re a little too little”

    It’s like telling God, Almighty,
    “You’re a little too little and a little to late”
    So that must make ‘this’ okay???
    Nothing about ‘this’ makes it okay…

    inspired after hearing my youngest daughter telling her big sister,
    “I’m not too little! I can do it… I’m not too little”….“I’m not as little as I was yesterday

    …Telling myself that you’re still a little too little, and that it makes it okay just to make myself feel better is not working. Heartbeat or not, this baby has a big sister who deserves the chance to say … “You’re too little but someday when your bigger you can do that”

    I have struggled for a year to dare post this on my blog… only a few people I know have the link to my blog… and in shame it is why I don’t post this…. I sadly did not follow my heart and had the abortion…. I let the influence of detectives and therapists tell me, “it is for the best… trust us”. I’m not sure what I even feel about this most times… but my soul is stuck… and many days I hate myself for choosing the end of life. It’s hard enough to be pregnant when the timing could not be worse… yet it’s harder when you’ve been raped and you’re stuck in the sadness, the awful dreams and fear of when will they find him.

    I’m sorry to write so much blah! As I read your words tears flowed…. your poem was beautiful and I truly believe in the words you rights… perhaps someday I can forgive myself. It makes me sick to write such hope and then wash it all away…


    • Quaz says:

      Hi L.
      I must say I can’t begin to imagine the emotions you go through. Life is so unpredictable. I guess we should just adapt and keep surviving. I wish you well and really hope you find peace. Your poem is very touching:)

      • ~L says:

        adapt and keep surviving… you are very right…

        thank you for your kind words. …and again your post was very well written and beautiful… sad and beautiful.

  11. Dark Angel says:

    Wow this a very powerful piece. You did a great job expressing your feelings on a very controversial subject.

  12. David M. Green says:

    Unfortunately not everyone respects life.

    • ~L says:

      sometimes it’s more then just the simple line. It’s a confusion mess for so many women… some are letting fear and shame sway them… does it make it right… I don’t think so… does it make them not respect life… I don’t think so either. I think sometimes in some situations… you just don’t know what the heck is going on and after you realize what you just did you have lost respect for the ones who judge your heart … lost respect for yourself for loosing your heart momentary and lost respect for people who make the women who hate themselves already for what they have done feel like even more shit then they already do… and how do we heal from that when we are constantly hearing what they ‘say’ we think and feel. Do they really know? … is that respecting life? I am not saying what I did was right… I am just saying… I am just saying too much :/

      • David M. Green says:

        Actually it boils down to a matter of character…Whether one is going to take the easy way out or take responsibility for their actions and live with the consequences.

  13. Taylor says:

    love it,

    powerful reminder how we need to cherish life at times.


  14. King2la says:

    Damn super powerful words….guess i have to check myself and them words because piece like this make me to be a wanna be poet not a poet.

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