Radio freestyle with Vast Aire and Double AB.

Quaz recently appeared on Ujfm alongside Vast Aire of Cannibal ox and Double A.b . The flow sector with Braintrain had an in depth interview with the man from Harlem and his counter part and ended with a live on air freestyle session.

Here is a accapella snippet of the freestyle with Vast Aire ,Quaz and DoubleA.b



_______________________________________________________________In In 2009 I met a group of artists and students from the U.S.A. during their brief stay in S.A. Amongst them was a dancer/choreographer named Rodney  A Brown. He heard a poem of mine entitled Last will(The Orange Book Vol:2 ;2009). In fact the day he heard it was the first time I publicly recited that poem. Brown and his friends went back to the U.S. Time passed , I emailed him a audio recording of the poem Last will. And then…

image© Andy Snow

Hey Quaz,

I created a dance work, which premiered in 2010, As described in the choreographer’s notes* the beauty of smAll things is a work exploring construction and composition.I wondered what would happen if I took a bunch of different stories and fused them together.

If I created short dances, beginnings,middles and endings and organized them to fit as one. Where these stories come from are different ideas/notions of memory, accomplishment, adversity and love. They range from a community wanting so badly to be free that their incessant praying literally manifests in an angered ritual ( where their words are ripped from their bodies), to the 5th section Last Will (©Richard Quaz Roodt 2009) which details a man’s instructions on how to be remembered by his family and loved ones. The solo is sparse and abstract. It employs small gestures that echo the text.Sometimes the story’s connections are clear and sometimes they are not, but each is just as interesting, touching, fanciful, funny, and poignant in its own right. The end result is a beautiful collision of associations and interpretations created by the viewer.

Rodney A .Brown

image© Andy Snow

I used “Last Will” as a section of the work I created for the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (Ohio)  entitled the beauty of smAll things

“smAll things” premiered in 2010 below is the program note for the entire work.

the beauty of smAll things

Choreographer: Rodney A. Brown

Music: Various Artists

“Last Will” by: Richard Quaz Roodtz

Music edited and arranged by Rodney A. Brown

Costumes: Rita Elam

I. Holy Sounds – Company

II. A Word -William B. McClellan, Jr., Crystal Michelle

III. Why Things Fall – Company

IV. Because I have to leave something dear –Hershel Deondre Horner III

V. Last Will -LaMoi Hedrington

VI. the beauty of smAll things – company

image© Andy Snow

 *Choreographer’s Notes:

 The beauty of smAll things is a work exploring construction and composition. It is built around six individual stories that are connected by their beginnings, middles or endings. I reorganized these small pieces and created one dance that challenges the notion of through-line and sequence. But even as small joined sections they are just as funny, just as human, just as real and perhaps, just as beautiful had I not separated them. What these stories are about — is entirely up to you.

image© Andy Snow


When I die
Bury me with a smile.
At the graveyard let the children
Run around and chase the butterflies,
Let their laughter swirl through the air
as you lower my coffin.
Sing songs that can’t be sung without a hand clap.
No crying…Ma
Only silent tears of happiness,
No Black clothes either
If I die in the summer,
all my dead eyes want to see at my
funeral are shorts and T-shirts.
Straw hats, sandals and dresses
With happy colourful flowers.
If I die in the winter,
Wait for summer then bury me.
No speeches and lies about
how great I was.
Glorify my human weaknesses,
Tell the funeral goers with pride about
my imperfections …
Those are the things that made me the perfect me

When I die remember me.
Because that is how you will keep me alive.
Just remember me.

©Richars Quaz Roodt(20O9)   

image© Andy Snow

A big thank you to Andy Snow For the images.



AFRO ALPHABETS PLAY:Footprints of the heart .written and directed by Quaz.

AFRO ALPHABETS PLAY ,written and directed by Quaz


Footprints of the heart


Footprints of the heart

Footprints of the heart


Here are some images form the creative writing workshops Quaz facilitated for C.S.V.R( Center for the study of violence and reconciliation) with ex apartheid combatants.

Writing workshops with ex combatants, facilitated by Quaz



Hype magazine mixtape vol 34

Quaz`s two tracks Another day and 63rd (featuring Max Meyson ,Projectah and Massy Mas)recently Featured on the Hype Magazine mixtape vol34  Mixed by Dj Zakes. Another day also made its Radio Debut on Ujfm Radio`s The Flow sector with Braintrain.Response to the track has been nothing but positive.


South Africa/Amsterdam collaboration

Here is an exclusive Afrikaans and Dutch track by Quaz and poet Hans d`Olivat from Amsterdam.Produced by 63rd founder Massy Mas it is a child friendly ode to Keleketla library.The track was written, recorded and performed in two days as part of an International collaboration between Keleketla media arts projects, The Tillburg cowboys and Molemo Moiloa.


Quaz drops the “Your slice of cake” Ep…

Two years after dropping The Chocolate brown guy mixtape, Quaz surprises many and more so himself, with a  8 track EP  produced by 63rd founder Massy Mass.Only one other producer features, Mokatalyst on the track Animated linguistic.Features include Massy Mas , Projectah, Vallentine (likwid tongue), Max Meyson and Nonto…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Quaz has been real busy of late. In October 2009 he launched his book, The Orange book vol:2.Which has since sold out all over. He is currently teaching creative writing at the University of Johannesburg and  has also  been performing all over Johannesburg, Pretoria , Durban and in Botswana and  features on numerous albums, mix tapes and documentaries.

Quaz is part of  the Keleketla !media and arts organization that manages the Drill Hall in the Johannesburg city centre .The space includes a well managed Children’s library, a gallery, internet café, artist work studios, performance and rehearsal venues and an open square.Corner Plein & Twist. Go check it out.

He is currently busy recording with 63rd , a independent label founded by Massy Mas, who   produced the majority of Projektah`s College in Bars album on which Quaz is featured.                Quaz recently collaborated with Dutch Poet Hans d`Olivat, for the international arts exchange program called Bonfire of Vanities which featured work by Molemo Moiloa and The Tilburg Cowboys. Keleketla library and The Tilburg Cowboys  collaborated on a book making project with library regulars  and other kids from around the Johannesburg inner city.

He  also performed at video artist Su Tomesons Losing Virginity exhibition at the bag factory in Newtown,


The Orange Book Vol. 2

One of the most prolific Jozi based interdisciplinary artists, the awe-inspiring poet, emcee, actor, educator and cultural activist Richard Roodt commonly known as Quaz drops The Orange Book Vol. 2, his poetry anthology. This anthology takes a long, hard look at Johannesburg, addressing with humor and poignancy issues of class, sexuality, melancholy, the blues and poetry itself. And even more.    It is rare to come across work that is this simple and intricate, yet deep and intimate. Meaning is not hidden behind fancy words. Roodt delivers a thought provoking, innovative and evocative use of language in The Orange Book Vol.2.

Roodt’s attention to detail is only matched by his sharp observation, great timing and precise choice of vocabulary, making this anthology a journey through his surroundings  and by extension yours, wherever you are.Quaz offers the alternative to skepticism, he is one of the most critical, yet also there, involved in the solution evident in poignant poems such (In)Humanity (true story)

Rangoato Hlasane

I nostri semi/Peo tsa rona

I nostri semi/Peo tsa rona, is a bilingual anthology of South African  spoken word poetry.Compiled by Raphael D’abdon  and published in 2007,the book features  original work and its Italian translations, by writers such as Aryan Kaganof, Quaz, Afrakahn Mohare ,Napo Masheane  ,Andrew Miller ,Mak Manaka, Natalia Molebatsi,and many other talented young writers.

The Orange book Vol :1

The Orange book Vol : 1 was a hand made project consisting of a collection of poems and sketches that Quaz did back in 2005.It was given to the people  for free  at poetry readings and became very popular around the Jo’burg poetry scene.The project gave birth to The Orange book vol:2, Quaz`s,first independently published anthology.  Production of The orange book Vol  1 has since stopped.

Reunited  siblings :Exodus anthology

Reunited siblings Exodus anthology is the 2nd anthology by the Reunited siblings collective

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