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Quaz was recently noted as one of the Top 100 Inspiring and Aspiring young South Africans by Independent Media. Following a year long process that saw thousands of people nominated in five different categories ( Influencers ,Healers, Trailblazers, Disruptors and Innovators), Quaz was selected as one of Mzansi’s Top 100 young South Africans, under the healer category. (READ HERE)

“Through a platform like The Young Independents we can ensure youth in South Africa and across the continent are fully recognised and given a voice to articulate their own narrative as the continent’s powerful agents of political, social and economic transformation”, said Executive Chairman of Independent Media, Dr Iqbal Survé.


”The excellence represented on the Top 100 independents list is mind blowing. So many young South Africans are changing the world in the most beautiful and diverse ways. I am am honoured to be mentioned alongside such great young people.The recognition is overwhelming but the work is far from over though,” Quaz Roodt

Images courtesy of Independent Media and WordnSound






Kamo Letsosa, Earl Quiz, Gwaza Juse, Rashid Kay ,Ayanda Sekoa, Quaz Roodt , Solid, Tha Cutt, Demolition Squad (B Boyz)

Directed by- Ntando Marumo
Written by- Ntando Marumo and the cast
Shot by- Tabiso Njamela and Nonthuthuko Mahlangu
Art Direction- Thapelo Khutwane, Mash Banda
Light- Teboho Moloi
Sound- Sibusiso Lukhele


Lesego Motsepe & Quaz (African writers conference 2012)

I remember

We were traveling.

The sun spilled out of your mouth

Laughter danced In your eyes.


On the balcony

Bodies full of tomorrows.

God rested on our skin

Life and love under our Fingernails.

You encouraged us

to scratch away our weak selves.


We watched the sunrise

Prepared our hands and feet

For the road ahead

Minds soaked in ideas for the future

But then…



I find myself swaying between

Bob Marley shots to the heart

and celestial pool games.

That sinking feeling

When a star implodes

Silence, darkness.


And then…

Memory blossoms.

The sun spills out of our mouths

Laughter spills out of our eyes

As we drown in the light of your memory.

Marked to be the biggest episode of the Word N Sound series, episode 11 brings to stage 3 phenomenal acts in the form of Lebo Mashile, Richard Quaz Roodt and super band Future History.

The Word N Sound Open Mic challenge is reaching its climax with only 2 more shows before the big finale in November. Nova caused a major upset at Episode 10 by dethroning the 3 time King of the mic, Masai Dabula. 15 contenders and an 8 day trip to Baltimore up for grabs trust me everyone will be gunning for the number one spot.

Please note that Episode 11 will an hour earlier and end an hour earlier. The new time will be 12pm to 5pm. More than an inconvenience, we hope that this will make it easier for people who use public transport to attend the whole event.

It is still only R30 at the door with a free Mageu Smooth Snack. 12pm to 5pm.


Salute the Army of Peacemakers
Inner city soldiers
recklessly shoot love at the babies
Battlefield littered with books,and paintbrushes
Bang bang!
Head wounds,
Bullets of knowledge
sprout into trees, from which our children pick wisdom
Running barefoot,
Colouring the sky with their true selves.
A seed planted
A new army sprouts…

©Richard Quaz Roodt(2011)

Thought Leadership Or Bruhaha? by Kagiso Mnisi

If one Soothsayer to have let the alarms ring during Caesar’s tenure as office bearer about the Ides Of March knew that his successors in the 21st century would forge an industry of foretelling, he would surely demand deity status on whatever cosmological plain he finds himself at. Thought leadership especially at hands of many an analyst, celebrity twitters or even geeky bloggers is quite a peculiar alchemy to observe. No day fails to dusk without hordes being glued to a TV Set in aim to witness the odd Eusebius MacKeiser waxing well versed verbatim about an impotent Judicial system or the lightning fast updates on twitter by Khaya Dlanga about his not so contained reverence for the Mbeki administration.

What one wonders is to what extent are these details an extension of ego more than substance and what is there to be said about those in consumption? In the age of brand trajectories and positionings nothing is truly what it seems, this mentioned the very person one hopes to reap knowledge from in whatever particular sector is after all representative of an agenda if out-rightly put! They are part of an establishment selling an ideology.

So called opinion or thought leaders are anointed by the ordinary man whose conscious/conscience has need to be padded, somebody whose attention is bartered for a piece of information from the all knowing expert. This dynamic serves to be in the same league as celebrity adoration only more principled since its ‘serious stuff’ we are dealing with here right?

This is not to say all channels that link us to various power bases should be rendered obsolete, we are in grave need of whistle blowers and watchdogs to keep an on eye pot-bellied men in suits officiating fraudulent multi million rand leases on buildings at the expense of tax payers money.

The disservice comes with the entrusted hogging the spotlight at whim to lay on thick their countless years in lecture halls absorbing obscure text and then rub it in our noses. The folly lies with the commentator who is quick to be thespian on my set/desktop without giving me substance I can use. Hell none of them could forecast the global financial crisis!What the man on on the street needs are genuine solution models and not long winded diatribe.

Just as leadership should be held to account albeit non existent here at home, those supposedly reporting on and analysing it should be questioned just as well. They should also be put took to task in their motives. I mean is this all for show to prove how distinguished one is in verse or do they genuinely have our backs?


Kagiso Mnisi is a Jo’burg based  journalist and creative writer

He currently writes for Jhb live and