The Incurable Likeness of Beings (2015)

00 The_Incurable_Likeness_of_beings2

The Incurable Likeness of Being (Mixtape) is Quaz’s 6th Audio project. This Mixtape sees him pay special tribute to writers, readers and Johannesburg city.


01) New Endings (Aural chaos Intro)

02) Lightness and Weight (Random Stream)

03) Because, stuff

04) Olives and Flying carpets

05) This Way I salute you

06) Kom Vol

07) Like Water

08) We

09) Oh One Won

10) Light Movers  featuring Smash Mfula (Impande Core)

Stream HERE. Download full Mixtape HERE

The Lost Pieces of Za’uQ

The lost pieces of Za’uQ (DOWNLOAD HERE) is a small collection of Spoken word and R.a.p tracks produced and remixed by Sam English. (Except track 2*:produced by Massy Mas)
Shout out to Sam English for the artwork and Dj Kuttin Keith/Slang Audio records for doing the recordings.


01) Intro_Sculpting_(00:00-00:39)

02) Cherry Vocals* (Prod:Massy Mas)_(00:40-02:04)

03) Trumpets of the heart (S.E remix)_(02:05-04:12)

04) Interlude_Ancient Future prt1_(04:13-05:01)

05) Killing shadows_(05:02 -06:07)

06) Nkuli’s City_(06:08-08:03)

07) Sewe Gedigte_(08:04-10:55)

08) Interlude_Ancient Future prt2_(10:56- 11:33)

09) When alone_(11:34-14:25)

All music produced by Sam English For Sub-Etha productions
Except Track 2* (Cherry vocals)Produced by Massy Mas for 63rd
Artwork by Sam English for Sub-Etha designs


YOUR SLICE OF CAKE EP (2010 63RD Records)


01 Hello world

02 Chi of love feat.Vallentine

03 Space snacks

04 63rd feat Projectah, Max Meyson & Massy Mas

05 Another day

06 Animated linquistic*

07 Battle ground love

08 I represent feat Projectah,Nonto, Max Meyson & Massy Mas


All songs produced by Massy Mas for 63RD except track 6* , produced by Mo Katalyst

The Chocolate brown guy mixtape (2008)_ Sub etha Productions

01 chocolate intro
02 choco verse
03 Format self
04 Rhyme wrekage
05 Spirit man
06 Selective random thought ( prod.Sam English)
07 Blue zone (prod Sam English)
08 Blossom
09 Pilzy lee speaks on the Orange book vol II
10 Billy Bell ( prod Sam English)
11 Sunny days Feat Vallentine(prod Sam English)
12 Preach
13 Mbongeni buthelezi( prod.Sam English)
14 I lost( prod Sam English)
15 Machine tactics( prod Sam English)
16 Mothers sun
17 Oomfinite  I( prod Sam English)
18 Shadows of..
19 Guava flavoured hope
20 Monk lip movement( prod Sam English)
21 your rainbow is rusty( prod Sam English)
22  the ever
23 for living proper
24 heart tales feat Vallentine
25 pilzy lee subetha shout out
26 dub styles
27 emotional plug-in, city lights remix (prod.mokatalyst)
28 likwid tongue
29 elevation
30 the result. factory remix( prod Sam English)
31  likwid shout out( freestyle)
32 likwid consciousness
33 family tree
34 pilzy lee final bye.


Quaz presents: The Immaculate thoughts of Za`uQ 2007

Track list

1     True kings
2     Project love (mO-KatalaysT Remix)
3     Kalahari kung-fu ( feat anti-klokwise)prd ant-i
4    Tell lie vision
5    True kings prt II
6    Freestyle ( yfm rap activity jam)
7    Emotional plug-in ( mO-kATAlyst -remix)
8    Trumpets of the heart ( mo KatALYST)
9    Animated linguistic ( mo -KatalYST)
10  Emotional plug-in ( mO – katalyst city lights remix)
11   Sleepers ( jo..burg rocks!!) ( nonna Blaq).
  1. Sbu says:

    Am just about to download the albums and give ’em a listen.

    Will be back to give my comments on them

    Am near ADHD floor-excited about coming across this site.

    More greatness to come.


  2. Sam says:

    Loving ur music but mostly the spoken word.

  3. Anele says:

    Feelin some good vibes about u.. wil peep n come bek wit some feedback.

  4. Anele says:

    quaz b tha truth! nuff said.

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