Likwid Tongue(HAAA!!!) is  Flo, Quaz, and Vallentine, a collective of talented ,multi disciplined artists. Likwid tongue has been at the forefront of the Johannesburg spoken word scene for many years as organizers ,hosts, performers and poetry workshop facilitators . The crew has performed in their personal capacities and as a collective all over South Africa and in countries like,

  • Botswana (Exodus Poetry Festival)
  • New York ,
  • Zimbabwe,
  • Lesotho
  • Mauritius
  • and Sweden.

The collective has hosted charity shows and facilitated workshops at some of Jozi`s  most prominent performance venues, community centers and public spaces.

These Include

  • the horror café ,
  • Shivava Café,
  • the Drill hall,
  • the Victory theatre ,
  • Xarra Bookstore and many more.

All three of the members are theatre practitioners and they employ this when hosting shows.

There are a wide variety of characters that they assume and that have become the Likwid Tongue show trademark. The shows are more than just a host standing on stage and welcoming acts, they do a lot of little skits and improvisation on stage in between performances.

Summarized Personal Profiles


Simply known as Flo, Thabo Mokale was born in Katlehong and bred in Sharpeville. He has awed crowds from Sweden, USA, Sharpeville, Alexander to Orange Farm, point or name any stage and Flo has probably set it ablaze.One of His first performances was in 2000, whilst he was a student at Wits Technikon.   He has participated in many poetry sessions and festivals.  To name a few, he was involved at

  • the Open Mic Jungle Connection,
  • Cool Runnings Poetry in Locomotion,
  • Poetry Sessions at the Bassline in Melville,
  • Open Minds Sessions at the Pretoria Technikon,
  • Youth Day Festival at the Orlando Stadium,
  • Y-FM Poetry Sessions,
  • Urban Voices International Festival Horror Café and
  • Shivava Café in Newtown
  • and at the So Where To Poetry and Music Show at Mega Music name a few

He performed  at the Union buildings in Pretoria at the closing ceremony of 16 days of activism against woman and child abuse, He was also invited by the Minister of arts and
culture Mr. Pallo Jordan to perform at Soweto and at Cape Town during the ceremony of 16 days of activism against woman and child abuse. Recently he moved the masses at the Urban Voices annual poetry festival, side by side with internationally acclaimed poets like, the last poets, Beau Sia and Carl Hancock Rux. Flo has been involved in poetry development workshops in Natalspruit, Constitution Hill and in other numerous Places. He founded poetry collectives such as poetry in Locomotion, Seven and he is currently the founder and member of Likwid Tongue which is responsible for most of the Poetry activity in Joburg. Flo spent 2004 lecturing poetry at Witwatersrand Technikon, and after completing his performance study at the Market Laboratory Drama School in 2007 he was he is currently teaching performance at University of Johannesburg.

In 2005 he appeared in the TV. hit series Kenny Makenzo and he was also featured in the comedy show PMS.In October 2003 he won the “Crown Buwa Slam Poetry Competition” at Wits University and he came 2nd in the South African Universities finals. Recently he won the Yfm poetry competition sponsored by Vodacom. In 2007 he performed at the Arts Alive Spoken Word Festival and the Zimbabwe Benefit Concert at the Bassline. He recently hosted and Performed at the Arts Alive speak the mind sessions in Johannesburg and Cape Town (2008).  He is one of the busiest and most respected poets in Gauteng and his popularity is growing in leaps and bounds in other provinces and the whole world.

Locally he has shared a stage with:


  • Myesha Jenkins,
  • Khethi,
  • Kojo Baffoe,
  • Napo Masheane
  • Lebo Mashile,
  • Lesego Rampolokeng,
  • Ntate Lefifi Tladi,
  • Mac Manaka,
  • Ntsiki Mazwai and many other great local poets.

Internationally he has shared stages with

  • Ursula Rucker,
  • Stacey Anne Chin
  • Roger Bon Edgard,
  • Toni Blackman,
  • Wordsworth,
  • Jonzi D,
  • Jean Binta breeze,
  • Mutabaruka and many more.


Vallentine Ramaesela Kekana is a multi-talented young Pedi woman from Zebediela in Polokwane and has resided in Johannesburg since 1989. She holds a Graphics design and multimedia degree and is also an avid performer. Vallentine is really the glue that holds Likwid Tongue together. She is responsible for the overall logistics, management and smooth operation of the group’s events and projects. Vallentine is passionate about theater work and has taken part; written and directed numerous stage plays. She has also made appearances in a popular social awareness soapie on local television. She is currently a facilitator at Keleketla Library and Recourse Center in the Johannesburg CBD. There she mentors and teaches dance and theatre sports for children living in the inner city.

As a poet she has been on numerous stages some of which include;

  • Arts Alive International Arts Festival
  • Sibikwa Women in poetry
  • SABC 2 Morning Live
  • Rendezvous Africa (SABC International)
  • The Black Ribbon Affair
  • The Bat Center (Durban)
  • Africa awake (DSTV)
  • Splash Jam (Soweto)
  • TUT
  • Mpumalanga
  • The Black Management Forum
  • Grahamstown Arts Festival

She has shared stages with artists such as:

  • Khethi,
  • Kabomo Vilakazi,
  • Napo Masheane,
  • Lebo Mashile,
  • Kojo Baffoe,
  • Njapedi,
  • Bassie Ikpi
  • Smurf
  • Sage Has.Son.

Her poetry and written works have appeared in;

  • The National Arts Council annual report 2009
  • Likwidzine
  • Swart Magazine
  • To the love movement

She has released two very experimental and conceptual underground albums the first called Transversing the Esplanade and her second Habita: Penumbra both in 2009. She is also a producer and produced all the music on the albums herself.Vallentine also owns a multimedia company called Freshsqueeze Multimedia and has done design and photography for some of South Africa’s most prominent house, poetry and kwaito artists and numerous government institutions. She has a very strong profile and her design and photography and design work is in high demand.

Vallentine lives and works in Johannesburg South Africa.



Richard ”Quaz” Roodt is a 25 year old writer, teacher and performer originally from Promosa, Potchefstroom in the North West Province. He experiments with various mediums and art fields. These include Performance Poetry, writing. free styling, Emceeing, Theatre, Music production, video, photography and graphic design He is part of the popular, Johannesburg based, Likwid tongue poetry collective famous for their out of the box charity open mic shows. In 2009 Quaz published The orange book vol 2: The anti machine project his first anthology. Quaz is currently a facilitator at The University of Johannesburg where he teaches a creative writing and poetry course. He is also part of the Keleketla!media and arts organization that manages the Drill Hall in the Johannesburg city centre .. The space includes a well managed Children’s library, a gallery, internet café, artist studios, performance and rehearsal venues and an open square. Here he workshops theatre plays, writing and audio projects and hip hop activities with the children from around the inner-city. He is also the host of numerous hip hop shows around the inner city.

Quaz has been actively involved on the Jo`burg underground poetry and hip hop scene for the past 8 years as a performer, host, organizer, and facilitator. He has shared stages with the likes of Prof Willie Kgotsisile, Lesego Rampolokeng, Toni Blackman,(U.S.A)Mak Manaka,Hans de`Olivat (Holland) Lebo Mashile,Ben Sharpa, Common man, Flo, Afurakahn, He has been featured in numerous radio advertisements and is also the featured poet on Metropolitan Lifes ongoing Rank Tv advertisements.

He has had his poetry and essays published in numerous anthologies, websites and newspapers and has also self published and mass produced a small collection of his poems in 2005 called The Orange Book vol:1 which was given to the public for free. In 2009 he self published The orange book vol 2: The anti machine project

It is now officially available at most concept stores and online.

He has done numerous mix tapes but has only released two officially .The first The immaculate thoughts of Za`uQ in 2007 and his second, The chocolate brown guy mix tape in late 2008.

He is currently working on recording projects with 63rd, a Jo’burg based recording Studio,. Under a different name (????????) he has produced numerous other instrumental projects. Under the same A.K.A he hosts Sub~Etha Pirate radio. An internet radio show available as a podcast for free on the internet.

Published works



  • The orange book vol: 2 : the anti machine project (2009)
  • S.W.A.R.T magazine (2007-2009)
  • I nostri semi- peo tsa rona Anthology (Italian publication) (2007)
  • Reunited siblings Exodus anthology (2006)
  • The orange book vol:1 (self published) (2005)
  • The Star
  • Daily sun
  • The metro citizen



  • College in Bars by Projectah ( featured) (2010)
  • The chocolate brown guy mix tape (2008)
  • The immaculate thoughts of Za`uQ mixtape (2007)
  • Sam English presents: Barefoot amongst the tinfoil flowers
  • Sam English presents: background music for time travelling bbbackpackers
  • Sam English presents: Background music for time traveling backpackers (2009)


Theatre work



  • Dance Mzansi (Grahams town arts festival)
  • The statue (S.A.N.C.T.A festival)
  • Ways of dying (Port Louis, Mauritius)
  • Polke draai (wits tech)
  • Gumede and the gogo (horror café)
  • The epic adventures of biff and Ef-you up

As an actor Quaz has taken part in numerous productions staged at various festivals.

These include:

  • Port Louis Theatre festival (Mauritius),
  • The Exodus poetry festival (Botswana)
  • The Grahamstown arts festival,
  • The market theatre laboratory,
  • Windybrow theatre,
  • S.A.N.C.T.A festival (Wits University),
  • Directors Forum (Wits technikon)
  • The Horror café (Newtown)

Performances history


  • Bonfire of vanities(dutch/ sa collaboration) (2010)
  • Back2 the city Hip hop Festival (2009)
  • Speak the mind poetry festival (2009)
  • Def jam 25th anniversary party (2009)
  • Jozi meets Detroit meets Durban(Stokvel#2) (2009)
  • Durban meets Jozi poetry fetival( Durban) (2009)
  • Sprite/Channel O Emcee Africa (2008)
  • Pan South African language board festival Soweto (2008)
  • Gauteng shared services heritage month celebration (2008)
  • EXODUS Poetry FESTIVAL Botswana (2008)
  • Dep. Art sport and recreation public space performance program.
  • Ekhuruleni career open day
  • Last days family album launch (Host)
  • Puisano Jazz auditions and workshops (host)
  • Likwid tongue open mic charity shows (host)
  • Hip Hop at RJ`s ( Host)
  • Reherb Park sessions (Host)
  • Dungeon Shack( soweto)
  • Splash Jam (soweto)

Radio appearances


  • YFM the bridge (Rap Olympics captain, and reigning champions)
  • YFM rap activity jam(crowned freestyle emcee of the month )
  • Yfm word of mouth poetry ( with Rudeboy Paul)
  • Kaya fm
  • Radio 2000
  • Voice of wits radio
  • Uj fm
  • Cityx radio
  • Jozi fm
  • Johazardous pirate radio
  • Sub~Etha Pirate Radio

Television appearances

  • SABC international (Sabc int.)
  • Sprite emcee Africa (channel O)
  • Cipher (sabc1)
  • Wild room (sabc1)
  • Shiz nizz (
  • Soweto tv
  • 3 talk with Noeleen (sabc3)
  • Youth expression (sacb int)
  • Metropolitan life Tv advertisement (featured poet)
  • Africa awakes (Mnet)


Other upcoming projects




1 The anti machine project mixtape

2 Sam English presents: avocadoes and beedies

3 Sam English presents: A summer night with Bobby

4 Sam English presents: Barefoot amongst the tinfoil flowers

5 Sam English presents: mushrooms (instrumental)

6 Sam English presents: the beautiful chaos (instrumental)

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  2. Dudu says:

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    QUAZ, FLO and vallentine please let me know wen you have anything going on poetry giggs e.t.c word.

  4. Bella says:

    Hi. I’m a very young poet who is seaarching for a platform from which her work can be expressed. However , there aren’t any poetry sessions or festivals that I can find in Pretoria. Are there any that you might recommend?

    • quazism says:

      Hi there. If you are in pretoria there is a dope collective called Street poets> they are based at the university.If you`re on facebook look them up. if you wanna come to shows in J sec then id advise you to check out k.p.n on facebook and ballardy composition. those are two very active movements. I hope it helps

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