Sam English

Sam English is a very reclusive, creative activist, pirate radio host, producer,designer and photographer from somewhere out there.He is the Founder of Sub~Etha Pirate radio.Sam is a self proclaimed lo fi junkie, choosing to always make work sound  as raw and organic as possibleHe has produced visual and audio material for Jo`burg  based poet/emcee Quaz on two ,yet unreleased, mixtapes ,underground outfits such as Group therapy and Infants Factory and for Vallentine of Likwid tongue.He is also part of Slang Audio Entertainment along with Dj Hans Fist and Kami Hillz, In 2009 he digitally released Background music for time travelling backpackers, the first of many beat tapes…
“Sam English is carving his own path, creating a brand of work that is both nonchalant and interrogating at the same time…”
The wind

A summer night with Bobby,is a beat tape produced by Sam English in just one night back in 2009,It was never released.Sampling the beautiful  Summer nights by Bobby hutcherson, Sam created seven different beats from just the one song.
“The music creates a surreal, almost dream like feeling ….”                                  The wind

SAM ENGLISH ~ A Summer night with Bobby

01 the first star, at days end.

02 walking home in the blueness of nighttime

03 thinking, thinking …

04 rolling around, he goes hunting for sleep

05 …and dreams of giants tiptoeing around sleeping ants

06 Bobby playfully stomps through dreamland…

07 floating into a new morning




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