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 The_Incurable_Likeness_of_beings_Quaz Roodt

South African Poet/emcee and social activist Quaz Roodt presents his latest Mixtape;

The incurable Likeness of Beings.

The Title pays parodical homage to Milan Kundera’s novel The unbearable lightness of being.    Comprised of 10 tracks running just under 22 minutes, this Mixtape sees Quaz deal with a myriad of themes, ranging from fatherhood to gang  violence right down to Credo Mutwa and Jacquezs Cousteau on a jet ski.

‘‘ These songs are random moments,thoughts and ideas frozen in rap verses ’’ says Quaz. The themes vary but they all  evolved from the same stream of consciousness…or unawareness. ’’  

Listen Below

The song This way I salute you ,christened after a book by South African Poet Laureate Prof Keorapetse Kgotsisile, pays  special tribute to books, readers and authors.

 ‘‘ Reading is important. For ones own personal development and…well, being well read and informed is the  new  black,  didnt they let you know?.’ Writers don’t get enough credit for their contribution to the development of the universal  human family and our consciousness. This is just my way of saying Aweh! ,I see you and Thank you.’’


Quaz panders to his poetic roots on , Like Water; a simple poem rich in metaphor and hidden meaning, further nuanced  by a voice clip of a reformed gangster  . Other stand out songs include Oh one won ; an ode to Johannesburg City  and the vibrant people that call it home ,and Light Movers featuring Smash Mfula of the indie band Mpande Core.





Kamo Letsosa, Earl Quiz, Gwaza Juse, Rashid Kay ,Ayanda Sekoa, Quaz Roodt , Solid, Tha Cutt, Demolition Squad (B Boyz)

Directed by- Ntando Marumo
Written by- Ntando Marumo and the cast
Shot by- Tabiso Njamela and Nonthuthuko Mahlangu
Art Direction- Thapelo Khutwane, Mash Banda
Light- Teboho Moloi
Sound- Sibusiso Lukhele


1 December 2012


Album Launch

DATE: 14 August (Sunday)
VENUE: Ko’Spotong, Newtown (Joburg)
TIME: 12 Midday till late

* Rashid
* Hoodlum
* Golden Shovel
* Third Wave
* Skavenjaz
* Pyramid Skeem
* Paragon
* Miss Concept
* Jay Stash
* Quaz
* MaXhoseni
* Eezy & Mankind
* Triple M
* The Renegade
* Mpho & Sisiyanti
* Soxmaticz

* DJ Dolla (KAYA FM)
* Jacket Shop (VUT FM)

* Phly Guy (KASIE FM)



…I spit a hundred bars and get the job done with one” Snazz D

Snazz D is considered by many as the quintessential emcee. I agree. Okay for those who don’t know who Snazz is…where have you been the past few years?

He was part of numerous underground super groups. Remember Cashless Society, Groundworks ,Audio Visual, Dark Seed? No?

He contributed to some of the most memorable compilation albums to come out of South Africa. Remember The Muthaload ,Demolition:The Mestory , Pavement Special: Concentration camp and Fairwell Fondl’em compilation(def jux)?

All these projects have not only garnered mass underground cult followings but also saw mainstream success with Cashless Society winning 3 Samas and 4 South African hip hop Indaba awards. Are you convinced yet?

Well after many many years of freestyles,battles, trips to Europe, group projects,and a Emcee Africa battle champion award Don Snazzito drops his debut solo album,Bad for business. Producer Albert Iron provided the soundtrack and Snazz proved track for track why he is considered the best.I decided to ask him a few questions…check out the interview

  (Q) Snazz firstly thanks for taking time out to do this interview and congratulations on your first solo album. I listened to the entire album and I must say it was worth every cent. The rhymes, production and packaging are all testament to the work put into the project. What is it that you want people take away from the album?

 (S) Peace peace. I’m happy u enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks for listening! Actually we had a simple message here. The way we see it, the TRUTH is bad for business, u know? So as long as people can learn to view commercial rap as just that and not get it confused with the real, we happy

 (Q)The production is reminiscent of that golden era of Hip Hop. You worked with just one producer Albert Iron. Any specific reason why ? Who is Albert Iron? Judging by the featureless face on the CD cover he wants to remain anonymous. What other projects has he worked on?

(S) We actually received a pound from Rah Digga via email congratulating us on working with only one producer. So many acts like to feature loads of producers that we decided to keep the overall sound consistent. Albert Iron is actually HalfLoaf and did the track Mic Device on the Muthaload compilation back in the day. He is also a bass guitarist and has worked wt the likes of Cuba, Point Blank, Tumi, Zubz, Spex as well as a host of jazz musos. And yeah , he don’t believe in the hype!!

(Q)You were part of some of the most memorable underground groups , albums and eras. On the track Club Metropolis you refer to the Le Club era and your stint as the host. Do you have any specific memories of that time that you could share with us. Were you aware of the value of that platform and that you were sculpting some of S.A hip hops future torch bearers?

(S) I remember when Raul shot someone and Fi and me went to court to support him! Also there were just too many battles to count. We used to battle with Skwatta Kamp ( Slikour and Suga) Amu, Andile, Tumi, Asylum Tribe, Shorty Skillz, Krook’d Da Warmonga and Ben Sharpa so yeah we did glimpse a future that a lot of us were laying down the groundwork for, for heads today.

 (Q) Considering the role you played when hip hop in J section was still an infant how connected to the scene are you now? Do you still go out to shows? Do you perform as often as you did in the past?

 (S) Yes we still get busy. I have a show in Namibia coming up alongside Ben Sharpa.

 (Q) With the wealth of knowledge you and the guys from the Le Club era have regarding the pure culture of Hip hop and all its elements,have you ever considered any other medium apart from rap to impart knowledge, (i.e workshops or writing)

 (S) I  am also involved with an organization called Man Up ( Against Violence towards Women and Children ) based in Brooklyn New York. As a workshop facilitator I teach others about awareness on abuse.

 (Q) You are considered by many as one of the best on the continent and winning the 2007 emcee Africa battle enforced that notion in everyones mind. On the bonus track Life of a Emcee you talk about your pass struggles with getting the props you deserve and falling into depression. When looking at all your accolades,do you still feel you need to prove yourself to anyone?

(S) Well, I would like to set an example for my daughter. Also I felt that as a young kid listening to hip hop I always wished to see my heroes do well. So I try to stay away from negative situations and out of the tabloids.

 (Q) On the track Club Metropolis You briefly speak on your relationship with Shaheen of P.O.C and the influence he had on you. Not a lot of people know about that, Can you elaborate on your relationship.

 (S) Shaheen and POC used to come to Yeoville and I used to kick sum shit for him, then he’d school me on my writing. We actually started working on a track called The S – Word that we never finished. Hopefully when he has time in the future, lol.

 (Q) You traveled a lot. I’m sure you recorded while you were abroad. Do you have any plans of re releasing material you recorded and released overseas years ago?.

 (S) Not really man. Most of those recordings were low quality and I’ve also matured as an artist so from here on out, everything I do represents where I am at mentally today. I do draw inspiration from that ol shit tho’. Ah, who knows, if there’s a big enough demand – we’ll supply!!! 

 (Q) Is there any chance of hip hop ever seeing a Audio Visual reunion in the future?

 (S) Yes A>V> got plans. No comment for now ha ha ha ha!!!

 (Q) Can we expect any videos or tours?Whats next for Snazz D?

 (S) Yes groundwork is being laid for a local tour with a particular Skateboarding Co. and Europe we plan to bless in the near future. Lookout for Albert Iron’s next project Loop Theory ( which I rep on) and I wanna work with more peeps on the next album. I also have a feature on the new Ben Sharpa Lp as well as the next Cashless  CD.

 (Q)Any parting words for the thousands of Dictator fans out there.

 (S) Much love and support the real

Thanks again Snazz.

SNAZZ D BAD FOR BUSINESS is now available in… *JHB @ MAFIA SOUL CLOTHING, Milpark Gallery Mall, 37 Stanley Ave, Milpark (close to Milpark Holiday Inn & AFDA Film School)

*CAPE TOWN @ HI FIVE, 34 Kloof st. *&

Durban… PREMIER MUSIC, shop 24, The Arcade, 88 Field st.

To preview the album —>​/snazz.html

Live acts:

Ootz on live beats+ TKO( ootz+kgb+top )
N.E.O beats
Stage 2 inside
Dj Hudson
Venue: Ko’spotong newtown jhb
Dress code:hip hop??
Date: saturday 6 august 2011
Entrance: R30 for Gents/LADIES FREE WHOLE NIGHT