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Just a moment by @QuazRoodt

I am smoke and Sunday lunch.

My wilting skin is the dying dog’s whimper,

my hands ,the smell of candle wax.

I am a mouth full of tombstones,

and stories moulded from wind and dragon scales.

I am the Burning Impimpi,

the screaming blood

flooding your conscience.

The secrets in Mandela’s coffin

And the failed revolutions

 buried in briefcases.

I am the infection of a wound untreated.

The missing bone and feathers .

I am a fire pool,

full of bloated flamingos

 and ballot papers.

I am the snake in my own chest.

The sound of shattering glass,

The loneliness of ageing,

And the fly on a baby’s face.

I am the knife in my uncle’s hand,

The open flesh on his brother’s chest

I am My fathers face when he received the news

And that moment when we turned our backs ,

and left you there , alone, under the soil.

I am ,currently ,without semblance


for shape

For body,

For agency

I am water,

Searching for a moment

to contain all of me.


                        ©Richard Rodriquez Roodt (2015)









The night sky is my skin
And my lover the stars
Clinging to me with ease

The deep dark ocean
Screams back at us
Stories of black lovers
Chained to each other
Loving each other in death

The dark room is my heart
And my lover,the flickering candle
filling me with light

The black love
Shared amongst black lovers
Is held together by stories too scared
to tell themselves


Black Lovers ©Quaz Roodt


*This poem was requested by my brother ,Marcio Januario, during our “Poem take away” session in Rio de Janeiro. Written and read right there.


Lesego Motsepe & Quaz (African writers conference 2012)

I remember

We were traveling.

The sun spilled out of your mouth

Laughter danced In your eyes.


On the balcony

Bodies full of tomorrows.

God rested on our skin

Life and love under our Fingernails.

You encouraged us

to scratch away our weak selves.


We watched the sunrise

Prepared our hands and feet

For the road ahead

Minds soaked in ideas for the future

But then…



I find myself swaying between

Bob Marley shots to the heart

and celestial pool games.

That sinking feeling

When a star implodes

Silence, darkness.


And then…

Memory blossoms.

The sun spills out of our mouths

Laughter spills out of our eyes

As we drown in the light of your memory.

Dancing alone
To the music of shadows
Something dead rots away inside him
The music stops
He sits quietly
Enduring the stench
He knows…
Tomorrow flowers will blossom

©Richard Quaz Roodt 2013

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Calm composed countenance
Covered in a carnival of kinked lines
Criss crossing crashing into corners

My Grandmothers eyes sparkle
From behind a veil of wrinkles

©Richard Quaz Roodt(2012)

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Once upon a time
in a castle made of flesh and bone
a Young soul stood .
On a balcony of thoughts
overlooking his ever changing kingdom

The dreams he had.
The mistakes he made.
The love he lost and gained

Ruler over each moment

Daily The young soul
inspects his aging castle.
Dreading and accepting the day
when it will all crumble to the earth

Bringing to an end the era of his rule.

But this young soul
has heard whispers.
Whispers of a new kingdom
where frail castles.
do not exist
only light and love

A place where all rulers go.

©Richard Quaz Roodt(2012)

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And so…
It seems the end of the world is
13 minutes late.

And in the distance
my pantry groans
under the weight
of all that tinned food.

©Richard Quaz Roodt(2012)
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Blue stars cling to the sky
diamonds on pitch black velvet
A glistening supporting cast
setting the mood for Her

She enters

Full of splendor
Garbed in a mythical glow
A gem of celestial beauty

She calls.

The oceans respond
In the distance
the beasts howl
Announcing her arrival

She touches

lovers and fields of flowers.
Heads tilted to the sky
Openly receiving kisses of blue light

…a beautiful night blossoms

 ©Richard Quaz Roodt(2012)

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Grasping at fading memories

I cross that bridge and journey towards

A time when my dullest moments

were the most colourful.


A golden childhood

Life overflowing.

Fishing from the sky

Flying under water

A beautiful vista of curiosity and innocence

I explored

and owned each moment



Time eats away at what was

She weakens the bridge

between now and then

She covers yesterday in rust

and my fondest memories in cobwebs

The trees are older now

The stream is weaker

And I find myself

frantically adding colour to a fading painting


©Richard Quaz Roodt(2012)


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