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Just a moment by @QuazRoodt

I am smoke and Sunday lunch.

My wilting skin is the dying dog’s whimper,

my hands ,the smell of candle wax.

I am a mouth full of tombstones,

and stories moulded from wind and dragon scales.

I am the Burning Impimpi,

the screaming blood

flooding your conscience.

The secrets in Mandela’s coffin

And the failed revolutions

 buried in briefcases.

I am the infection of a wound untreated.

The missing bone and feathers .

I am a fire pool,

full of bloated flamingos

 and ballot papers.

I am the snake in my own chest.

The sound of shattering glass,

The loneliness of ageing,

And the fly on a baby’s face.

I am the knife in my uncle’s hand,

The open flesh on his brother’s chest

I am My fathers face when he received the news

And that moment when we turned our backs ,

and left you there , alone, under the soil.

I am ,currently ,without semblance


for shape

For body,

For agency

I am water,

Searching for a moment

to contain all of me.


                        ©Richard Rodriquez Roodt (2015)









A lonely Knight

wounded by the spears of life.

Beneath the rusty armour

The seams

of my soul come undone

and hope seeps out.

I reach for patches of  faith

and sew life back into dormant fabrics

Recreating my old self.

A abstract montage

of failures and Conquests

Pieces of old insecurities and

threads of love.

A collage of new skin

carved from old skin

Here I found new warmth

©Richard Quaz Roodt(2011)


 This Poem is linked to Poetry Picnic# 17Poetry Pantry#79 ;  d’ (Poetics Prompt:Fabrics of our lives) and One Single Impression.

I am alone

drowning in a ocean of people

Not the swimmer I thought I was

I want my old skin back

I know how to be me in it

I speak a lonely and forgotten language

and find myself in the silent moments

between words.

I hold the sun on my tongue

and better tomorrows in my clenched fist

On the hill of a thousand regrets

I Surrender to the child within

I crown him king again.

I am on the verge of a new me.

©Richard Quaz Roodt(2011)

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