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Just a moment by @QuazRoodt

I am smoke and Sunday lunch.

My wilting skin is the dying dog’s whimper,

my hands ,the smell of candle wax.

I am a mouth full of tombstones,

and stories moulded from wind and dragon scales.

I am the Burning Impimpi,

the screaming blood

flooding your conscience.

The secrets in Mandela’s coffin

And the failed revolutions

 buried in briefcases.

I am the infection of a wound untreated.

The missing bone and feathers .

I am a fire pool,

full of bloated flamingos

 and ballot papers.

I am the snake in my own chest.

The sound of shattering glass,

The loneliness of ageing,

And the fly on a baby’s face.

I am the knife in my uncle’s hand,

The open flesh on his brother’s chest

I am My fathers face when he received the news

And that moment when we turned our backs ,

and left you there , alone, under the soil.

I am ,currently ,without semblance


for shape

For body,

For agency

I am water,

Searching for a moment

to contain all of me.


                        ©Richard Rodriquez Roodt (2015)









We watched the sunset.
The last rays of the day
danced on the waters surface.
The birds flying over us,
flight reflected on the silver wetness.
We sat, backs turned on the truth
I hugged you,
a white flower with small thorns
A depiction of what we have become
The hills swallowed the sun,
day moved behind the horizon
We sat, backs turned on the night
trying to build a new day, together.
We watched the sunset
The last sun ray of hope for
what we want to become.

©Richard Quaz Roodt(2011)


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